If you have been invited to interview with a school that is using the group interview format, you will absolutely want to take advantage of our mock team based discussion (TBD). This format can be fun, but also challenging and stress inducing! Success comes from practice and becoming comfortable with the format.

We will have dedicated groups of 3-6 people for 沃顿商学院 with a former 沃顿商学院 Admissions Officer. 要么 安东尼 or 梅根·, who are both former 沃顿商学院 AdCom and experienced SBC consultants, facilitate most of the mock TBDs for SBC clients.

You will receive preparation tips and a one hour mock experience followed by written feedback with actionable advice. 对于这个 沃顿商学院 TBD mock session, we spend most of the time working on the TBD exercise. The mock TBD sessions are to get participants comfortable with the group interview format. 你的 沃顿商学院 expert will give tips and expectations for the 1:1 component of the 沃顿商学院 interview process.

( 实际 沃顿商学院 TBDs can be conducted by the AdCom or Second Year Admissions Fellows; typically, there are 2 evaluators for each group of 5-6 and one of those two people would be the person conducting the 1:1 interview. ]

Step 1: Submit Information

Complete this form to schedule a time and ensure that we have time slots that work for you. Email info@marinefive.com directly if you have any questions.

*Note: participation is contingent upon sign up of at least three participants in a time slot that works for you. If we are unable to accommodate you, we will promptly refund your payment.

Step 2: Submit Payment




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